12 Popular Types of Engagement Ring Settings

November 8, 2016

Bezel A bezel-set stone is completely surrounded by metal and is, therefore, very secure. An alternative is a half-bezel which opens up the stone to more light. 


Bypass Instead of forming a straight line, the two sides of a bypass engagement ring setting overlap or traverse. 


In a channel setting, the smaller diamonds are set into a groove on each side of the center diamond. Channel set stones have no metal separating them, which adds to their radiance. 


In a cluster setting, several smaller stones are grouped together, to give the illusion of a much larger center stone. 

Cluster Setting

In a halo setting small diamonds surround the center gemstone enhancing its beauty and making it look larger. You can find many different styles of halo engagement rings. The rings just above are examples of the most popular halo trends this season.


Milgrain setting Often found on engagement ring settings with a vintage vibe, milgrain details are metal beads that are added or hand-carved to adorn intricate scrolls and create more depth. 

Milgrain setting

Pave setting Tiny diamonds cover the surface of the ring and contribute to its overall sparkle. The price of the ring usually reflects the time-consuming nature of this setting. 


Prong setting 4 or 6 prongs of metal surround the center stone. This setting enhances a diamond sparkle as it allows in more light, emphasizing the stone’s brilliance. 


Tension setting Since the stone appears to float between the metal holding it in place, a tension setting shows off the stone to perfection. 

Tension Setting


split shank engagement ring features a band that separates into two or more filaments before joining the ring’s crown.




Twist Shank Threads  of metal are braided to create a creative twist. 

Photo Ring

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