Family owned since 1936, we have generations of employees working in our factory and office proud to be a part of the Camelot family. We make everything ourselves, under one roof, IN THE USA. Most companies either outsource part of their manufacturing or have moved their manufacturing facilities overseas completely. By making everything ourselves, we can guarantee the ring completely, not having to vouch for other companies' work. Our manufacturing techniques have been honed over generations to produce the best results Die Striking vs. Casting: A die-struck ring is free from harmful porosity and is much more durable than cast rings. Our die-struck settings will hold your precious diamonds more securely than cast settings. Machine Setting vs. Hand Setting: Our machine-set channel rings are made by the most sophisticated machines in the jewelry industry. These machines can cut the channel, drill the holes and set the diamonds ensuring a perfectly straight channel and stones that fit flawlessly in the ring. Hand set stones are often set unevenly and aren’t put through the same exacting processes as our machines do. Metal Mold Casting vs. Rubber Mold Casting: Almost all cast Camelot products are produced using metal molds. Most manufacturers use rubber molds that can crack or expand when heated and are far less durable than metal molds. A typical metal mold will cost between Fresh Gold vs. Re-Used Gold: Camelot has its own refinery that uses only fresh gold guaranteeing not only the exact karat of metal but a product that will be more durable, have a greater sizing range and will last longer than re-used metal. Manufacturers that do not have their own refinery may be using brittle or even discolored metal. They are not making the metal themselves. Visit Camelot