State of the Art Shop

Casting Perfection

A State of the Art Shop - Modern Tools & Ancient Techniques

We use three different casting machines in our state-of-the-art shop:1)Cast and Cast T/T of Ti-Research 2)The MC15 Plus Mini-Casting Machine 3)The 220-volt Deluxe Roma-Vac Tabletop System

All three are used to fabricate jewelry and precision casting of all kinds from precious and non-precious metals. Metals suitable for flame melting under atmospheric conditions are melted in the crucibles at the top of these mashines.Three different size crucibles accommodate the melting of up to 450g of gold-equivalent of silver, stailess steel, platinum or other metals.

MC15 + (Mini Casting) Machine is perfectly work for small casting 

The 220-volt Deluxe Roma-Vac Tabletop System machine is  an extremely convenient table-top unit that offers a combination which offers  casting under vacuum. We use the latest technology to create amazingly dense, detailed castings.

We are using all these a state of art equipment technology  because we want to make your customers happy and we can provide and create all amazingly dense, detailed casting.

Microscopic Perfection

Each of our stone setters, hand engravers and filigree artists has a personal bench microscope for the finest detailed work.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Perfection

Although the artist's mind and hand create the design, modern technology helps perfect the manufacturing. We use the world's finest jewelry CAD system - The Gem Vision’s Matrix program-to create perfect symmetry on our wax master models. Following the machine work, we carefully hand detail each wax before client approval and casting.

Growing Perfection

Our Envisiontec Perfactory 3-D growing machine grows castable resin models with internal details that wax models cannot match. This technology allows us to virtually cut apart our models and cast in multiple pieces for better detail, enhancing the perfect cleanup of difficult to reach areas.

Hand done Perfection

We combine these modern tools with the time-tested techniques of hand crafting fine jewelry one piece at a time. From hand-forged fine wire filigree details to hand- engraved patterns, we are proficient at all modern and traditional jewelry-making techniques.

Our custom pieces are created individually, not in massive batches of identical pieces. We carve waxes, cast, hand-forge, hand-engrave and carefully match and hand-set the stones in all of our jewelry - right here at Antony Jewelers.